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Downloadable Clips

Some magazine's that publish Allen's articles do not maintain online versions of the publication; these articles are available to download below, listed in order of publication. Simply right click the icon to download the desired clip.

Clips without a download icon are available upon request.

Articles posted on the publication's website are available by following the links on the E-Clips page on the menu to the left.

South Sound, Dec '11

     Artist of the Heart Download ArtistoftheHeart.pdf

Northwest Travel, Nov '11

     Winter Wonderland in Leavenworth Download Leavenworth Winter.pdf

Northwest Travel, Nov '11

     Eagle Watching on the Nooksack Download Nooksack Eagle Watching.pdf

HARBORS, Fall '11

     "Working Girls" Download Working Girls scan.pdf

HARBORS, Fall '11

     "Feeling Fit In-flight" Download Feeling Fit In-flight.pdf

HARBORS, Fall '11

     "Author Profile: Eric Lucas" Download Eric Lucas Profile.pdf

HARBORS, Fall '11

     "Flyaway: Outlook Inn" Download Flyaway-Outlook Inn.pdf

Northwest Travel, Oct '11

     "Whidbey is for Locavores" Download Whidbey Locavores.pdf

Northwest Travel, Oct '11

     "Gig Harbor History Comes Alive" Download Harb Hist Mus.pdf

425 Magazine, Sep '11

     "Relish Fall on Chuckanut Drive" Download 425 Chuckanut.pdf

425 Magazine, Sep '11

     "Technology + Elegance" Download Tech + Elegance.pdf

Coast Explorer, Fall '11

     Divine Canine Destination Download Divine Canine scan.pdf

HARBORS, Summer '11

     "The Kirkland Concours d'Elegance" Download Kirkland Concours d'Elegance.pdf

HARBORS, Summer '11

     "Friday Harbor's Dynamic Duo" Download Friday Harbor's Dynamic Duo.pdf

HARBORS, Summer '11

     "Hitting the Trail" Download Hitting the Trail.pdf

Northwest Travel, Aug. '11

     "Seeing Stars" Download Seeing Stars.pdf

South Sound, Aug. '11

     "Anthony's: No Ordinary Fish Tale" Download Anthony's - No Ordinary Fish Tale.pdf

Outdoors NW, July '11

     "Sacagawea Heritage Trail" Download Sacagawea Heritage Trail.pdf

425 Magazine, July '11

     "Best of 425" Download Best of 425.pdf

Coast Explorer, Summer '11

     "Lincoln City Heats Up for Glass Art Lovers" Download Lincoln City Glass Art.pdf

Northwest Travel, Jun '11

     "Driving the Columbia River Gorge" Download Driving Columbia Gorge.pdf

HARBORS, Spring '11

     "Washington's Pampered Oysters" Download Washingtons Pampered Oysters.pdf

HARBORS, Spring '11

     "A Serious Man - About Pie" Download A Serious Man - About Pie.pdf

HARBORS, Spring '11

     "Fairholme Manor" Download Fairholm manor.pdf

AAA Journey, May '11

     "EVOO" Download EVOO.pdf

South Sound, Apr '11

     "Retro Rendezvous" Download Retro Rendezvous.pdf

South Sound, Apr '11

     "Craftsman Unknown" Download Craftsman Unknown.pdf

AAA Journey, Mar '11

     "Secret San Juans" Download Secret San Juans.pdf

425, Mar '11

     "Deep in the Heart of Snoqualmie" Download Deep in the Heart of Snoqualmie.pdf

HARBORS, Winter '11

     "Bounty from the Sand" Download Bounty from the Sand.pdf

425, Jan '11

     "Snoqualmie Pass" Download Snoqualmie Pass.pdf

South Sound, Jan '11

     "253 Collective" Download 253 Collective.pdf

Atomic Ranch, Dec '10

     "Parking, Breezeway, Window, Wall" Download Parking, Breezeway, Window, Wall.pdf

Native Peoples, Nov '10

     "Ancient Whalers of the Makah" Download Ancient Whalers of the Makah.pdf

AAA Journey, Nov '10

     "Next Stop: Bellingham" Download Next Stop Bellingham.pdf

Northwest Travel, Nov '10

     "Wild Walks in the City" Nov '10 Download Wild Walks in the City.pdf

425, Nov '10

     "Grand Museum Getaway-Vancouver Style" Download Grand Museum Vancouver.pdf

HARBORS, Fall '10

     "Majestic Hidden Islands" Download Majestic Hidden Islands.pdf

HARBORS, Fall '10

     "Slow Down and Eat" Download Slow Down and Eat.pdf

Oregon Coast, Oct '10

     "Playwright in Paradise" Download OC_36-37_Playwright_Luce_SO10.pdf

Northwest Travel, Sep '10

     "Things That Go Bump in Seattle" Download Things That Go Bump in Seattle.pdf

Northwest Travel, Sep '10

     "Horsing Around the Dundee Hills" Download Horsing Around the Dundee Hills.pdf

Northwest Travel, Sep '10

     "Discover Washington's Gorge-ous Wineries" Download Washington's Gorge-ous Wineries.pdf

Northwest Travel, Jul '10

     "Edible Adventures" Download Edible Adventures.pdf

AAA Journey, Jul '10

     "La Vida Local" Download La Vida Local.pdf

South Sound, Jul '10

     "7-Seas Brewing Company" Download 7-Seas Brewing Company.pdf

WellBella, Jun '10

     "Bordeaux: Cradle of the French Paradox" Download WB0610_42_43EcoTravelicious.pdf

AAA Journey, May '10

     "Jetting to Astoria" Download Jetting to Astoria.pdf

Northwest Travel, May '10

     "Hip Hood River" Download Hip Hood River clip.pdf

Northwest Travel, Apr '10

     "Aboard the Na'Walak" Download Aboard the Nawalak.pdf

South Sound, Apr '10

     "An Artisan's Touch" Download An Artisan's Touch clip.pdf

WellBella, Apr '10

     "Cast Off Your Cares" Download WB0410_EcoTravelicious.lo.pdf

WellBella, Mar '10

     "Monumental Sights" Download WB0310_32_33EcoTravelicious.pdf

425, Mar '10

     "Hidden Jewels of the San Juans" Download Hidden Jewels of the San Juans.pdf

Northwest Travel, Jan '10

     "The Sisters of Cape Disappointment" Download The Sisters of Cape Disappointment.doc

AAA Journey, Jan '10

     "Wine, Dine & Equine" Download Wine Dine Equine.doc

425, Jan '10

     "Life in the Blast Zone" Download Life in the Blast Zone - 425 mag.doc

South Sound, Jan '10

     "Wine Down in South Sound" Download Wine Down in South Sound.doc

South Sound, Jan '10

     "History Repeats" Download History Repeats.doc

WellBella, Jan '10

     "Go Green in the Land of Chocolate" Download Go Green in the Land of Chocolate.pdf

South Sound, Oct '09

     "At Home on the Harbor" Download At Home on the Harbor - South Sound.doc

South Sound, Oct '09

     "Leader of the Pack" Download Leader of the Pack - South Sound.doc

City Arts, Oct '09

     "This Trip Around the World..." Download Laughing Lotus - City Arts.doc

City Arts, Oct '09

     "The Homage Factory" Download Homage Factory - City Arts.doc

425, Jul '09

     "Alternative Meets Mainstream" Download Alternative Meets Mainstream.doc

South Sound, Jul '09

     "Dancing with Joy" Download Dancing With Joy.doc

South Sound, Jul '09

     "Transforming Stack Hill" Download Transforming Stack Hill.doc

Northwest Travel, Jun '09

     "The Nature Lovers' Ocean Shores" Download The Nature Lovers' Ocean Shores.doc

City Arts, Jun '09

     "Heavy Metal Summer" Download Transforming Stack Hill.doc

AAA Journey, May '09

     "The Play's the Thing" Download The Play's The Thing.doc

AAA Journey, May '09

     "The Road Tripper's Guide" Download The Road Tripper's Guide.doc

City Arts, May '09

     "Unleash Your Inner Pyromaniac" Download Unleash Your Inner Pyromaniac.doc

Washington Magazine, Apr '09

     "A Passion for Alpacas" Download A Passion for Alpacas.doc

South Sound, Apr '09

     "Discover: Tacoma" Download Discover_tacoma.pdf

Great Health, Jan '09

     "Travel Green in the Maya Heartland" Download GH1208_Destination_BL.pdf

South Sound, Dec '08

     "Sublime Wood" Download sublime wood.pdf

Northwest Palate, Nov '08

     "Romancing the Mollusk" Download ND08.Mollusk.pdf

South Sound, Oct '08

     "Destination Delicacy" Download Destination Delicacy_lowres.pdf

AAA Journey, Sep '08

     "Narrow Escape" Download JourneyIslaMujeres.pdf

AAA Journey, Sep '08

     "Prowl on Down" Download JourneyWolfHaven.pdf

Northwest Magazine, Aug '08

     "A Haven for Wolves" Download A Haven For Wolves.pdf

Northwest Travel, Mar '07

     "Nature Takes Center Stage" Download Nature Takes Center Stage.doc

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